NAAC Accredited at B++ Grade (2.78 Scale) College

Alumni Association

Alumni Engagement

There is a registered Alumni Association that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and/or other support services.

Having an active alumni network is immensely beneficial to the students studying in any institution or college. Young Alumni and students can benefit in their professional lives by learning from senior alumni, getting to hear about interesting job opportunities and so on. Young alumni should volunteer the time and take various initiatives for the development of their Alma Mater. Because a College or an educational institution provides an excellent platform to build or hone their leadership skills . The Alumni enjoy and gain professionally by participating in the various alumni association activities. There is also knowledge sharing exchanging of views between the present learners and the alumni. Through this regular interactions , colleges or educational institutions are also able to keep track of their alumni’s progress and identify those they can reach out to for mentorship and placements. The more engaged is the college is with its alumni , the easier it gets to place its students. The placement committee meets with influential alumni who are in position to decide one where to go for campus placements and invites them. With placements being one of the biggest draws of applications for a college , alumni engagement will prove to be a good strategy. But this strategy will work only as a cyclic process . Colleges also need to instil essence of pride and loyalty in their students. Which in turn will make them emotionally invested in their Alma Mater’s success, nudging them to give back through financial and non financial means. In this strategy lies the motivation and as well as the reward for both the alumni as well as the institutions.

Cooch Behar College has an Registered Alumni Association, which strives to promote an enduring and cordial relationship between students and their Alma Mater. The Alumni have contributed liberally in the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the College towards the development of the Institution and the fund contributed by the Alumni Association may well be utilized in the form of Scholarships , endowments, financial support to the poor and needy students and organising various lectures by the eminent personalities in their respective fields and so on. The involvement of Alumni in supporting and providing contributions voluntarily to their college is important for maintaining and expanding the development of a college. It can also provide crucial support based on its experience in enriching the students holistically while being at college. Every alumnus has experience while being a student to become a unique and outstanding graduate and hence there is a potential for all alumni to contribute to the institution in different ways and scale. So, in keeping with this spirit, Cooch Behar College Alumni Association has always been with us in its different capacities as required time to time for developing infrastructure and providing new outlook to our college by contributing in different ways like financial or strategic support whenever it was needed.