NAAC Accredited at B++ Grade (2.78 Scale) College


The empowered team of the college involves Principal, convener of different committees, teaching staff, IQAC committee, non teaching and supporting staff, student representative, alumni and other necessary stakeholders. The Principal monitors the mechanism regarding administration and academic process. It also ensures proper functioning of policies, rules and action plans of the college. There are various committees to support the vision and mission of the college. For example, there are IQAC, Finance Committee, Tender Purchase & Construction Committee, RUSA monitoring committee, Public Appealete Committee, Examination committee, Library committee, Sports committee, Academic committee, Admission committee, Cultural committee, RTI Committee, NSOU Monitoring Committee, Canteen Committee, Anti-ragging Committee, Beautification Committee, BBM Monitoring Committee, Internal Complaints Committee, UGC Committee, NAAC Stearing Committee and above all there is strong and active Teacher’s Council. All the committees shoulder their responsibility for the plans and activities and successfully fulfill these responsibilities in each and every academic session. In order to enhance and for better academic performance, meetings with HODs and faculty members of various departments is periodically done. Further, the progress of the teaching process is periodically monitored by teaching register. The Principal continuously monitors each room individually by physically visiting different departments for teaching-class, other class room activities, movement of students in the corridor or verandah and inside the college campus. The perspective plans are implemented by the Principal through the Finance committee headed by him. It deals with the finance received for the various grants and the amount received from other sources for overall development and maintenance of the college. The financial requirements are proposed by various departments and the Principal and in some cases through Governing Body approves it.